Development of a game for people living in a socially isolated environment.
Living and working in microgravity puts strain on the human entity – physically, psychologically and socially. As a countermeasure to heavy workloads or monotony, astronauts have drawn on leisure activities imported from Earth or invented in situ. A review of play activities in orbit and their benefits to date suggests a need for additional recreational opportunities.

In response, an interactive strategy game for use in microgravity was developped that relies on interlocking spherical game pieces in order to make the most of the kinetic and sensory potential of reduced gravity conditions. Aside from the play value and the aesthetics of this reconfigurable modular game structure, the activity may help maintain and enhance manual dexterity, mental alertness, and sociability amongst the crew.

The prototype was also tested with elderly dementia patients, many of whom can benefit from – and frequently enjoy – visually stimulating and tactile interaction in play.


A Game For Space
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A Game for Space
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Play as Strategic Tool – Dual Purpose Play System as Psychological Countermeasure and Skill Maintenance Tool for Long Duration Spaceflight
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LocationSpace, Earth
Research TeamS. Häuplik-Meusburger, M. Aguzzi, R. Peldszus