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space-craft Architektur is a planning and research practice specialized in compact and sustainable design solutions for terrestrial and extra-terrestrial environments.

We design minimalist, functional habitats, build sophisticated space solutions, and research the interaction of people, plants, objects, and space in extreme environments. Questions such as: What makes a place worth living in? Who are we designing for? What happens and why? are the ques­tions we ask at the beginning of projects, whether they are theoretical and utopian or very specific. We have extracted design principles from our field work in extreme situations – in the space conditions of astronauts and ruderal plants – and pro­vide input on current issues: Living in tiny spaces and space extensions [Mikrowohnen], living in micro-societies, innovative lifestyles, us­ing resources and improving the quality of life, and integrating technical systems and human interfaces.

What we do 

+ We provide functional, efficient space that takes care of future activities in flexible ways.
+ We create a pleasant and appropriate environment for those using the space.
+ We express the special character of the inhabitants and users  in Architecture.
+ We emphasise the use of high-quality, reliable and sustainable materials and workmanship.

Technische Universität Wien, TU Wien, Architecture and Design, HB2
Executive Master of Business Administration,  SPACE ARCHITECTURE, TU Wien Academy
Current Chair of the Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC)
Member of  The International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)
International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES)

Partner Radio spaceuriosity:  Verena Holzgethan

Partner office: MO architektur ZT OG – Staatlich befugte & beeidete Ziviltechniker | mo-architektur.at 


DI Dr.Ing. Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger, Director

Architect and researcher specializing in compact habitability design solutions for extreme environments. Based at TU Wien, she instructs and guides Space Architecture design studios at universities across Europe, the US, UAE, and China. She serves as the Academic Director for the Executive MBA in Space Architecture at TU Wien and the Science Academy’s Space course in Lower Austria. She is Academician at the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), chair of the Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC), and Vice Chair of the IAA History committee and the Space Habitats Committee of the IAF.


Francesca Andriolli

Ich mag es, Teil eines Teams zu sein: Wissen und Erfahrungen zu teilen, um etwas Schöneres zu schaffen.


Dipl. Ing. Franziska Peters

Ich mag es, Zeit mit Familie, Hund und FreundInnen zu verbringen, zu reisen und wenn Bilder an der Wand gerade hängen.



Karagozaiym Turganbek

Ich mag es, aus der Natur zu lernen.


Former Team:  Irina Panturu (Research), Sabrina Kerber (2019), Polina Petrova (2018), Marlies Arnhof (Architecture, 2017), Amine Khouni (Design and Research, 2015), Kamil Szmidt (Architecture, 2015), Dario Krljes (Drawings), Carrie Paterson (Artist), Laura Hannapel (2013), Birgit Dejaco (2011), Lisa Maresch (2007). Additional partners / team members are listed for each project.


space-craft Architektur e.U.
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Anningerstrasse 75
2353 Gumpoldskirchen
M +43 699 194 137 57