An architect, a landscape designer and a photographer spent ten days randomly touring specified locations in Vienna equipped with a folding camp table, sketch books, crayons, microphone and photo camera and asked passers-by the following question:

 „What do you need in difficult situations in your hometown?“ 

The highly divergent responses were given in the form of interviews and drawings and were documented as sound recordings and in photographs. The themes of the interviews and drawings were manifold, surprising, sometimes seemingly banal and touching.

The exhibition in AzWest presented a random cross-section of the city of Vienna through the very personal viewpoints of its inhabitants, opening up a whole range of further questions instead of providing clear answers. Any judgement or categorisation of the individual positions was deliberately avoided — it was solely the responsibility of the viewer to do so.
On display in the exhibition was the whole inventory of the momentary excerptswhereby the visitor was challenged to react both to the question posed as well as to the collected replies, so extending the exhibition with new positions.

LocationAzW Vienna
ClientAzW Vienna
Project TeamS. Häuplik-Meusburger, V. Holzgethan, N. Similache
PhotosN. Similache
Sound DesignDonZiggy