Interstellar Travel Workshop

Interstellar workshop at ESA ESTEC 20.-21.06.2019
The vision of how humanity may one day not only leave Earth but travel across the galaxy captures minds not only because of its futurism, but also because of its implications..The workshop will feature input lectures by invited experts, panel and participant-driven discussions, provide ample opportunity for exploring and exchanging new ideas, to stimulate unconventional thinking about space research and to spark novel ideas for future distant space exploration.

* Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn – Hibernation
* Theodore Hall – Artificial gravity
* Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger – Habitability design for extreme environments
* Andreas Hein – World ships: feasibility and rationale
* Elke Hemminger – Social order and power structures
* Michael Hippke – Interstellar communication
* Ugo Lafont – Self-healing materials
* Philipp Lubin – Photon propulsion (TBC)
* Javier Medina – Cultivation systems for long duration human spaceflight
* Jeffrey Punske – Language development on generation ships
* Rob Swinney – Fusio
* Angelo Vermeulen – Evolvable spacecraft
* Marco Volponi – Life support systems
* Michael Waltemathe – Ethics and sociology of interstellar Exploration